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Building materials

Which house to build? Of course beautiful and comfortable, corresponding to the concept of price-quality. The cost of building materials does not always directly affect the final cost of building a house, so you need to consider not only the properties of building materials but also the technology of their use, which affects the speed of construction and the life of a house without major repairs. In this topic, you will find descriptions, reviews, technical specifications of building materials.

How to properly plaster a frame house

Plastered frame houses look beautiful and solid. Facade plaster will last at least 20 years without repair if the plasterwork is…

Comparing the construction material for the walls of the house at the design stage

Why do builders choose from the beginning the material for constructing the house before creating the project? We will compare the…

Calculation of a reinforced concrete beam

How to calculate the deflection and strength of a reinforced concrete beam. Examples of calculating reinforced concrete beams and…

Aerocrete block

Description of the technology for the production and use of aerocrete blocks.

Rules for fastening drywall to the frame

This article will consider the basic rules of installing the wall and ceiling sheathing in the frame house. What fasteners to use…

What to use when building a frame house: nails or self-tapping screws

What are modern nails? What is better to use for the assembly of wooden frame elements? Why are nails preferable to self-tapping…

Basics of Strength of Materials theory

The theory of strength of materials is even more straightforward than the multiplication table. In this article, I will cover the…

Fibercement siding

If learn a few elementary techniques, such as cutting and nailing, fiber-cement siding is simple to install and goes on one plank…

Pros and cons of polyurethane foam insulation

Polyurethane foam (PUR) insulation by spraying is characterized by a complete absence of joints and gaps, which excludes the…

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