In this section, articles on walls are selected: from what materials to build walls, how to build frame walls, how to insulate walls and what modern and time-tested construction technologies are currently used. Modern walls are no longer just a barrier from enemies and cold, built from "cubes" of different natural origin. The modern wall is a multi-layer structure that protects the house from cold and heat, from rain and humidity, hiding pipes and wires, as well as changing the appearance of the house, both outside and inside. Here you will find recommendations for the construction of wooden, brick and concrete walls. Research in the field of construction, building rules and much more.

  • Concrete placement into ICF walls

    Step-by-step instructions and other important additional information to familiarize the builders of insulated concrete form (ICF) house with the specifics of concrete placement.

  • Insulating Concrete Forms for Residential Construction

    What are insulated concrete forms (ICF)? Benefits of building a monolithic concrete house using ICF blocks. Types of ICF blocks.

  • Fibercement siding

    If learn a few elementary techniques, such as cutting and nailing, fiber-cement siding is simple to install and goes on one plank at a time.