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How to build a beautiful house? What do you need to know?

Design construction of house plans. Types of finishes and different ways to create a beautiful home.

How to arrange a children's room

How to choose the color of the living space, furniture, and other necessary issues that need to be solved correctly so that your…

10 lobby design ideas for your home

Accentuate your style when creating your lobby design. We've covered some ideas in this article.

Mold in the house - what to do?

Mould is the most insidious and harmful microorganism in the house. How to fight this evil?

Permanent formwork with polystyrene foam (ICF): everything you need to know

ICF homes increase the comfort of your home, reduce your monthly energy bills, and, most importantly, reduce your environmental…

Order a house plan from an architect or a construction company?

I will try to discuss the problems in choosing a contractor to design and construct a new home.

How to build a wooden fence

The easiest and cheapest fence you can make yourself, spending a couple of weekends. If you do not know how to do it, read the…

Construction of a vaulted ( cathedral) ceiling

This article describes three types of structural assemblies for creating a vaulted ceiling formed by roof slopes. Without the…

How to sharpen a hand wood handsaw

Manual hacksaw for sawing boards, plywood, chipboard, and other construction materials. Correct sharpening and set-up saw teeth.

The best materials and ways to insulate a house

For many people on the planet, the question posed in this article title is by no means an abstract one: freezing winters or…

Pros and cons of polyurethane foam insulation

Polyurethane foam (PUR) insulation by spraying is characterized by a complete absence of joints and gaps, which excludes the…

Fibercement siding

If learn a few elementary techniques, such as cutting and nailing, fiber-cement siding is simple to install and goes on one plank…