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House plan modification

 Modifying house plans purchased over the Internet

Online House Design Modifications

HOUSE. Several dozen of our customers have built homes from blueprints purchased through EPLAN. Some customers have bought the same house designs but have ordered floor plans or facade design changes. One thing is sure that during the construction of the house, almost all the builders made changes as they went along. Next, we will show you the process of changing the layouts or design to make the house meet your specific requirements, whether caused by site features, local climate requirements, or your personal preferences.


Mirror-reversed drawings

Build a house in a mirror image? Not a problem! Mirrored drawing printouts are available for all house plans sold on our website. In addition, some companies provide fully mirrored drawings where even the words and numbers are readable. Still, in most cases, the letters will be printed backwards, so you should preferably buy a basic drawing package that will be easier to read. You will find more information in the plan description or Plan Cost Options.

Changes are marked with red lines.

Red lines are not appropriate for significant changes in the drawings, but in most cases, changes are made directly to the drawings, such as:

  • Offsetting interior partitions that do not affect the span of structural members lengthening a wing of a house, which does not affect the length of a floor or roof span
  • changes in materials, specifications, fixtures, bathroom markings, and so on
  • shifting or adding or changing windows and doors
  • Adding or removing fireplaces, garages, false bay windows, sloping ceilings, and the like

If the changes are more significant, it would be best to have them done by an experienced builder familiar with the building codes in your area. 

PDF or CAD drawings

Significant changes need to be made, and it is better to get the drawings electronically (in PDF or CAD format). All plans at EPLAN House we sell in PDF format. See the cost options on the plan page. Plans in PDF format allow the experienced draftsman to add or erase lines in any drawing that needs to be changed. The changes that they can make in such pictures are as follows:

  • increasing the size of the house in any direction, even where the ridge height and rafter length will change, adding a room, garage, or porch
  • changing the type of foundation if this type is not offered with the project (most are available, so check first)
  • changes in facades, including roof pitch and overhang lengths
  • major layout changes

Adaptation of drawings to utilities or local insulation requirements

It will be best if the PDF drawings are modified by a local architect or designer but can also be modified by an experienced builder.

Modified drawings.

If you prefer to have modifications made by the plan's author, email us at We will contact the firm that designed your house plan and agree on the possibility of changes and the cost. It's also possible that the architect already has drawings with the changes you want to make. Remember, every architect or designer is dedicated to helping you build the home of your dreams.