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Design Ideas

The mother of art is architecture. Without our own architecture, we don't have the soul of our civilisation.


„Think globally, act locally.“

Do you need a garage in the house or how to choose the right house plan, so that even with an increase or decrease in the family it would be convenient to live in it. How to equip different rooms and what color to paint the walls of the house can be found by reading the articles in this section of the site.

This section of the site also publishes articles on the history of architecture and construction, on various national features of the design of the house and garden. We recommend reading some articles before choosing a house plan, because a properly designed and planned house is not only a collection of a living room, kitchen and several bedrooms, which are usually included in the low-cost projects of our architects, they are also pantries, built-in wardrobes, dressing rooms and bathrooms, rooms for children or for adult hobbies.

Do not underestimate the layout, hoping that then you can redo it. Everything temporary quickly becomes permanent, either simply because it is difficult to find time for repairs and redevelopments, or because technical capabilities, such as the demolition of a brick or concrete wall, will not allow, and for many other reasons.

Carefully study the various options, get acquainted with the experience of other people and only then begin construction.

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