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Important information

What you need know before you buy a house plan!

If you buy a house plan online, you should know that many companies sell low-quality designs online that do not have enough information to build a house safely.

Drawing details are crucial for building a structurally sound, code-compliant home. "EPLAN.HOUSE" uses the highest standards of design selection policy to post on the "EPLAN.HOUSE" website.  Please take the time to review the following:

Structural Dimensions and Building Code Compliance

It is important to note that all drawings are sold on the EPLAN.HOUSE website has information on the dimensions and cross-sections of all structural elements, which include the following:

  • All slab beams, transoms, and lintels.
  • Roofs are designed under trusses, or if under board rafters, all rafter sizes and intermediate bearing points for a particular snow load will be shown. You may need to modify the cross-section of the roof components to suit the specific snow load in your region.

All plans from EPLAN.HOUSE is guaranteed to comply with the International Building Code.

The need for additional coordination with the designer

Some areas may require contacting local designers to review the design and possibly modify the drawings to meet local requirements and conditions, such as:

Seismic areas.

  • Areas with possible hurricane winds
  • Areas with possible flooding and flooding
  • Areas with very low winter temperatures

If you are unsure about knowing the climatic conditions of the building area, it is best to consult your local building department or building organization.

Additionally, finished drawings do not have an architect's or designer's stamp on them. If any governmental organization requires a seal, you must contact a local engineer to review the drawings and get the necessary seal.

Foundation drawings

Our foundation drawings are designed for general site conditions and are not suitable for sites with any variances. It is recommended to take soil samples and test them in a specialized laboratory. After testing the soil, you may need to make changes to the drawings following the recommendations received from the laboratory.

 Site and location of the septic tank

In addition to the commissioned drawings of the house, you may also need to have a site plan made showing the location of the house and utilities. Your foreman or construction crew can usually help with this step.

Nowadays, environmental regulations are becoming stricter, so think carefully about the location of the septic tank, its brand and the possibility of access in the future for preventive maintenance. It would be best if you also considered the thermal resistance of the entire house to meet current regulations.

Refund rules

All electronic modifications and drawings are non-refundable or non-exchangeable.

Additional Information

For detailed information on the cost of obtaining an engineer's stamp, an estimated cost to modify drawings, or design advice from our experts, email us at or call us at 8-985-363-37-65, and we will be happy to assist you.