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Order Plan:  +7(985) 363 37 65 


We invite architects and designers to cooperate for the sale of your finished house projects through our website.

To publish your plan, you must provide the site with technical data, a brief description and image of the facades, preferably in 3D visualization. We also need floor plans indicating the dimensions of the rooms and the whole building. If the house was built according to your project, you can attach a photo of the built house and interior.

Dear Colleagues!

You probably have accumulated several projects of houses that you made to order. We suggest shaking off dust from them and posting a project description on our website. You can sell them again. We will take the commission fee only after you receive payment. Thus, it will be possible to sell one project many times by interacting with customers directly. In addition, if the buyer expresses a desire to make changes to the project, this will be an added bonus to you. You can also place your portfolio.

Conditions are discussed individually. If you are interested, you can write to us or call +7 (985) -363-37-65 +7(985)-363-37-65